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The Go-Cal™ air flow calibrator is a portable, battery-operated calibrator that is lightweight and easy to use. Go-Cal™ displays air flow rate continuously allowing adjustments to pump flowrate in real-time. The Go-Cal™ displayed flowrate is compensated for temperature making it easier to produce consistent results at various calibration locations.

Range: 0.01 to 20 LPM (10-20,000 cc/min)
Accuracy: ±2% or 0.005 LPM, whichever is greater
Dimensions: 5 in. × 2 in. × 1.25 in.
Weight: 0.75 lbs
Warm Up Time: 1 Minute
DC Power Input: 7.5 VDC ±1.5 V, 300 mA max
Each Go-Cal calibrator is shipped complete with the following:
Calibrator, Battery pack including 6-AA size alkaline batteries, Tubing kit, Carrying case. NIST traceable calibration certificate, and User guide


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