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Gilian Gilibrator 2
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Sensidyne’s Gilibrator-2 System provides users with a convenient and highly automated way to check almost any commercially available air sampling pump for proper air flow function before deployment. The system consists of an electronic Gilibrator-2 Base which is used with any of three sizes of flow cells. These interchangeable components are also available as part of kits which can also include a complete calibration diagnostic panel
Calibration Cells
Three flow cells are available, for air flow ranges of 1 to 250 cc/min (low flow cell), 20 cc/min to 6 LPM (standard flow cell) and 2 to 30 LPM (high flow cell). These interchangeable cells generate perfect bubble films at the touch of a button. Infrared sensors read the bubble flow rate, which is then calculated and displayed. ISO 17025 calibration certificates available from Sensdyne.
Gilibrator-2 Base
Easy to operate, microprocessor-controlled unit features simple on/off and reset touchpad with large LCD screen that displays flow rate, the calculated average of multiple flow samples in a series and the sample number. Light in weight, it operates with either AC power or rechargeable batteries (8‑hour life) for easy portability in either the lab or the field.
Gilibrator-2 Diagnostic Kit
Offers the industrial hygienist a complete, portable calibration laboratory. Consists of Gilibrator-2 Base with three flow cells in a cushioned carrying case, with a full diagnostic panel built into the top lid of the case. The panel uses a selectable rotameter design for 2 to 5,000 cc/min flow capability
Optional PC Interface Kit
A PC Interface Kit is available for real-time data download and manipulation. The kit includes a cable for connecting a computer to the RS-232 port of the Gilibrator-2 Base, as well as software that allows the user to log pump and calibrator serial numbers, data, operator name, flow rates, averaging data, number of samples, sample sequence, and standard deviation data.
Flow range: Low 1-250 cc/min, Standard 20 cc/min-6 LPM, High 2-30 LPM
Accuracy: 1% reading acurracy
DC power source: Internal Battery Pack
AC power source: Continuous operation through adapter/charger
Battery charge time: 15 hrs


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