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Gilian 800i
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The Gilian 800i is a high performing personal air sampling pump the industry leader in back-pressure performance, reliability, and ease of- use. Thanks to several advanced features, the pumps overcome the main causes of sampling errors — saving you time and money.The back-pressure capabilities of the Gilian Power Series pumps are the highest in the industry for any personal sampling pump.

The Gilian Power Series Pumps offers significantly higher back-pressure capabilities than competitive pumps thanks to an advanced pneumatic design and powerful batteries. With the back pressure up to 80'' H2O at 800 cc/min, the Gilian 800i is the most powerful personal pump for low flow rate range. 
As a result, dense -particulate buildup on the filter, common in dusty environments, is far less likely to trigger premature pump shutdown and an incomplete sample. In addition, several advanced features on these pumps overcome the main causes of sampling errors.
Gilian 800i
200-800 cc/min
Live flow display
Easy to calibrate & setup with 4 buttons design
Powerful NiMH battery
EN 1232 Compliant type G
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