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Gilian LFS-113
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The LFS-113 Air Sampling Pump Features:

  • Dual Mode Automatic Constant Flow or Constant Pressure Control
  • Multi-flow Capacity
  • Compact Size & Lightweight
  • Flow Fault Indicator Light
  • Clock Model with Elapsed Time Display
  • Battery Check LED

The Gilian LFS-113 low flow sampler is the most powerful and reliable pocket sized personal air sampler available today. The LFS-113 offers two sampling modes selectable by the user. The constant flow control mode holds the flow within +/-5% of the set flow while the multi-flow (constant pressure control) mode allows multiple samples to be taken simultaneously. No other pocket-sized pump matches the wide flow range and high back-pressure capability of the LFS-113. 

Basic and clock models are available in both US and Global versions. Global versions are now available with a memory-free NiMH battery.

US Version UL-US NiCd Battery
Global Version CSCompact, Low Flow Air Sampling Pump LFS-113A, C-US, ATEX NiMH Battery

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