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Overview of NTP "Centr"
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Since 1991 the main direction of the NTP "Centr" activity is the development and production of educational and laboratory equipment for universities and colleges. During this period of time NTP "Centr" have developed and launched more than 300 kinds of products in various technical disciplines and equipped more than 900 schools of all levels in the CIS countries, the EU and Africa. 

NTP "Centr" regularly participates in professional exhibitions and educational forums around the world. Since 2013 our company is a member of the global trade association for companies providing products for education and training WorldDidac.

Under the motto "Scientific innovations for education", NTP "Centr"  strive to make advanced scientific solutions for the didactic process available. In the manufacture of educational equipment NTP "Centr" use modern elements and materials. Most of our products have digital measurement systems as well as software for data synchronization with PC.

The development of equipment is conducted by our own team of experienced engineers. We are also experienced in the collaborative development of equipment with educational institutions in accordance with their unique technical specifications.


The laboratory equipment presented here can be divided into three types according to the level of technical instrumentation:

  • stands with pointer–type and digital instruments without computer connection;
  • stands with MPMS (microprocessor measuring system). The laboratory works can be done on these stands in autonomous and computer interactive mode. The stands are equipped with digital indication and have USB port for computer connection;
  • stands with MPCS (microprocessor control system). The built-in control system allows measurements and provides computer connection. It also controls intellectual power modules, switching devices, digital indication, etc. When connected to PC, the latter can assume control functions.

Study attentively the list of laboratory works for the stand. If laboratory works in your curriculum differ from the ones listed, please, contact us. The company can take account of your requirements.

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